FAQ’s Incoming Students

Before your Stay...

No, the Bachelor in Technical Architecture is not taught fully in English.

The updated list of English taught courses for the coming academic year will not be available until April. 

You can find it in the following section of the website of the School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) -> STUDENT -> INTERNATIONAL -> EXCHANGE STUDENTS (INCOMING).

List of English taught courses for academic year 2021/2022

  • Students coming for one semester can only select subjects that have the same duration as your stay, this means that if the duration of your stay in only semester B you can only select subjects that take place during that semester, you will not be able to request annual subjects unless you stay for the entire course.
  • You must take between 20 and 30 ECTS per semester (maximum 34,5 ECTS if this includes the Spanish language courses for exchange students during the semester).
  • The 80% of your credits each semester should come from courses (subjects) offered by your host faculty at UPV (in this case, School of Building Engineering ‐ ETSIE). Therefore, the number of credits to request from other faculties: 20% (Maximum 12 ECTS per semester). Note: We cannot guarantee enrolment in subjects that are taught in other faculties, so it will be subject of confirmation at the beginning of the semester, depending on the availability of places.
  • UPV organizes a 2‐week Spanish course in its campus in Gandia before each semester. Gandia is 70 kms. south of Valencia. Students who complete this course successfully will receive 4 ECTS. For further information: August 2021 : Oficina Internacional Campus Gandía : UPV

    This course is worth 4 ECTS. Students receive a certificate at the end, it is not for free.

  • In addition, UPV offers exchange students the possibility to enrol in a non‐intensive Spanish course both in the winter and in the spring semester, free of charge. These courses have typically: 4,5 credits / 3 hours of class per week. Duration: mid-September-late December (exam in January) and February-late May (exam in June). UPV will offer only levels A2, B1 and B2 (Level A1 only for students from Asian Universities)
  • We need written proof that students have completed at least 60 hours of Spanish at level A1 in order to allow them to apply for the lowest level of Spanish courses during the semester (A2).
  • Timetables and registration: in the Vera campus Valencia) the International Exchange Programmes Office (OPII) will send all the information by email to all incoming exchange students at the beginning of each semester. Students will be able to apply for a Spanish course in the level next to their current Spanish level as validated on their electronic file in the AIRE web-based application portal.

There is no simple answer.
As a rule, we do not recommend it, especially if the classes overlap very often or every week. An occasional overlap in theory classes is sometimes not a big problem. You will just have to decide which class to attend, depending on the circumstances.

In some courses, class attendance may be obligatory. In others, it is maybe not obligatory but it is recommended or simply necessary because of the teaching method. This information is normally explained by the instructor on the first day of class and it is also available in the official course description.

During your Stay...

You can find it in the following section of the website of the School of Building Engineering (ETSIE) -> STUDENT -> BACHELOR IN TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE -> TIMETABLES.

  • The first thing to keep in mind are the deadlines, once the classes have started, the students have two weeks to request these changes. Any changes made must be reflected in your academic agreement (LA), section “During Mobility”.
  • Regarding the choice of groups, we can only accept you in groups that are not full. To do this, at the International Relations office we will check the group’s capacity.
  • We cannot guarantee enrolment in subjects that are taught in other faculties, so it will be subject of confirmation at the beginning of the semester, depending on the availability of places.
  • An exchange student can carry out an internship as a regular ETSIE student, once some administrative procedures have been completed. First, the exchange student must provide to this Work Placement Office the following documents:
  • Recent academic transcript, this document must show the total credits of the degree you are studying at your home university and the number of credits that you have passed so far.
  • Proof of enrolment at UPV, the student must provide a proof of enrolment, this document can be generated by the International Student Office of our School.
  • Once these documents have been provided, the Work Placement Office will generate a document that allows the exchange student to have access to all their services. After that, the exchange student must register in the Curricular Database of the Career and Employment Office (http://www.upv.es/entidades/SIE
  • The procedure to follow to carry out an internship:
  1. Registration at the database of traineeships —> http://www.upv.es/contenidos/SIEPRACT/infoweb/siepract/info/714623normali.html
  2. Once the registration is made, the student will notify the Work Placement office by email for the validation of the registration.
  3. Next, the student must introduce his updated curriculum on the web. (Option B: Complete / Modify Resume). After the registration, the exchange student must find a company to carry out the internship. And finally, the student must formalize the internship with the Internship Agreement. This document provides students with a legal framework during their stay in the company or institution.
  4. The instructions to formalize this document can be found in the following link—> http://www.upv.es/contenidos/SIEPRACT/infoweb/siepract/info/714638normali.html
  • The UPV has a wide range of sports activities and facilities. You will find all the information regarding the UPV Sports Service at the link: Servicio de Deportes: UPV
  • Information about registration to the sports service à http://www.upv.es/entidades/AD/info/1116859normalc.html
  • Students can subscribe annually or per semester to make use of all facilities, as well as attend activities and/or directed classes that take place in them.
  • Registration is done through the UPV Intranetà ServiciosàServicio de Deportesà Alta socios de deportes. In addition, through the same section of your intranet you can book a place for the directed activities / classes and facilities.
  • For specific questions, we invite you to get in touch with the UPV Sports Service through the “Policonsulta” application, you will find the link to this application on their website (http://www.upv.es/entidades/AD/indexc.html).

In this link you can see some tips: Technical problems?

If you have any technical issues with Teams (group synchronization and Channels in Teams, connection, etc.), you must make a technical help request/computer incident report, using the following link: Policonsulta TEAMS (Select your UPV School and explain the problem in detail; attach screenshots or error messages).

If your School/Faculty’s Computer Services can’t fix the problem, they’ll send your request to the central IT services (CAU – User Service Center)

Make an appointment to print your student card. More info

Here you can find all the tools and maps to look for your classroom, library or other spaces at the UPV and ETSIE.


For your end of Stay...

  1. Through the AIRE online platform: https://aplicat.upv.es/aire-app (identified access)
  2. Go to “Academic Data” and click on “Request a Transcript of Records”: You will obtain a pdf document that can be saved and/or printed.

The document can be created at any time during your stay. Each document reflects the status of your grades at the time of printing. Please note that UPV teaching staff are allowed to insert the official grades into UPV academic database within a certain deadline each semester. Before that deadline, it is normal to see certain grades on your transcript while others are still not available. The deadline is normally in early February or March (1st semester) and early July (2nd semester).