Procedure for internships (Before)

1. Students must be registered in the internship database of the Career and Employment Service

2. Students must be provided with a Company or Institution 

3. Processing the forms

1. Students must be registered in the internship database of the Career and Employment Service

This database has been created by the Career and Employment Service in order to assist students when registering their personal data and curriculum in a record that allows them to carry out placements. It also enables the student to create, modificate and print his curriculum from any computed connected to the Internet.  Besides, it authorizes the Placement Department to have access to all these data.

In order to register, you have to click  here and continue with the next steps:

  1. Select OPTION A “Register in the internship database of the Career and Employment Service”.
  2. A screen is displayed where there’s an identity  check for the student.  You have to enter your identity number and your PIN.
  3. Select “Register in the internship database of the Career and Employment Service”. Once your data have been validated, the application displays a message indicating that you have already been registered in the database.

Once you have done the registration, you must fill in your curriculum with OPTION B “Complete / Modify your curriculum”

It is essential that the information in your curriculum remains continuously updated. The Work Placement Office only has access to the information that is included in your curriculum.  If your curriculum doesn’t meet the requirements of the company offer, we can not submit your curriculum to the company. Therefore it is necessary that your information is up-to-date.

Furthermore, if you enrol in an offer and you are rejected because you don’t meet the requirements, and after that you modify your curriculum, you must send an e-mail to  notifying the changes that you have made.

2. Students must be provided with a Company or Institution

Once the student is registered in the internship database, he has updated all his personal and curricular data and he meets all  legal requirements in order to follow an internship, he can start searching for a company or institution for his internship.

For this purpose, students have two options:

OPTION A: Students search for the Company or Institution. They can come to the Work Placement Office and we will help you with your seek.  Here you have our office hours, we’ll provide you with all the information that you may need.

OPTION B: Students can apply for the offers that the Work Placement Office has published from different companies (remember to keep your curriculum updated)

The Work Placement Office has build relationships with companies and institutions that are interested in incorporating students. For this purporse, there are placements’ offers with all the requested requirements. In order to apply for any of these offers it’s very important to have  all your personal and curricular information updated in the internship database as they will be reviewed during the selection process.

Registration procedure. Offers received at the Work Placement Office are published on the website Management of Offers” of the Career and Employment Office.  In this website, students can:

  1. See the offers that are currently published. Click here.
  2. Apply for the offers that are interesting for them.
  3. Know the status of your application at any time.  You have the historical offer  in which you have applied for and the result of the selection process of each offer.
  4. The states of the student application are:
    • Applicant: Once the student applies for the offer.
    • Accepted/Rejected: Depending on whether the student meets the requested requirements of the company or not.
    • Send: After being accepted, your curriculum is send to the company  to be considered.
    • Selected/Not selected: The company decides who is the selected student among all the nominations submitted.

In order to apply for an offer, students must:

  1. Check that they meet the requested requirements.
  2. Enrol in those offers in which they are really interested.
** Students who have first year passed but do not have 50% credits of the degree passed and they would like to apply for an offer in order to do a curricular placement, they must get in contact with  UPE-ETSIE to ask for it.

If you have any problem during the registration procedure, please send an e-mail to , specifying the details of the problem and the offer in which you would like to enrol.

Once the student is enrolled in an offer, the following process is: 

  1. The Work Placement Office will, to the extend of its possibilities,  verify the adequacy  of the student to the requested profile, according to the offer requirements and the information in the curriculum registered in the Internship Database.
  2. The Work Placement Office will send a report to the company with the contact data of the students that have applied for the offer and meet the specified profile.
  3. From then on, the company is the one that is in charge of getting in contact with the students to start the selection process. 

Once the selection process is completed, the company will inform the Work Placement Office of the name of the selected student. Then, the processing forms procedure has to be done, ALWAYS BEFORE the incorporation date of the student to the company.  

3. Processing the forms

The documentation has to be handed in, at least 10 DAYS before the internship starting date:

– Traineeship agreement This document establishes the relationship among the student, the company / institution and the UPV.  It must be filled in and electronically signed by all the parties involved (scanned or hand-written signatures are not acceptable).  It is recommended that the traineeship agreement is completed jointly between the company and the student.

In order to fill in the agreement you must access:

Where, when and how to hand in: 

Students must send the documentation by e-mail to, properly filled in and, at least, 10 days before the internship starting date. 

* It won’t be admissible, under no circumstances, documents  delivered after the starting date.

* The student must not be incorporated into the company or institution until the starting date of the placement, since he is not insured and he is outside the legal framework.

** Please remember that August is not a working month, therefore if you would like to start the internship between the 26th of July and the 10th of September, the last day to submit the documentation is the 16th of July. Please remember that you must be enrolled in the academic year that you do the internship.

Once the documentation has been sent: 

  1. UPE-ETSIE processes and validates the documentation. For that purpose, a document is sent to the student as a proof of registration.
  2. The UPV informs  the provincial Labour and Social Security Inspectorate and subscribes an accident and civil liability policy for the students that include different coverages. Regarding Health Care, the health policy will only cover those types of traineeships that will not be covered by the social security system.
  3. The Vice-Rector for Employment and Entrepreneurship signs the documentation, with the UPV Rector delegation of signature.
  4. Once the documentation is signed, the UPV sends it by e-mail to the company / institution, to the tutors and to the student, together with a link to the Internship Final Report.