Processing an internship

The documentation has to be handed in, at least 10  DAYS BEFORE the internship starting date. 

– Traineeship agreement This document establishes the relationship among the company / institution, the student and UPV.  It must be filled in and electronically signed by all the parties involved  (scanned or hand-written signatures are not acceptable)

In order to fill in the agreement you must access:

It won’t be admissible, under no circumstances, documents  delivered after the starting date. Documents must be handed in at least 10 days before the internship starting date.

It is recommended that the traineeship agreement is completed jointly between the company and the student.

Where, when and how to hand in: 

Students must send the documentation by e-mail to, properly filled in and at  least, 10 days before the internship starting date.  It won’t be admissible, under no circumstances, documents delivered after the starting date.

* The student must not be incorporated into the company or institution until the starting date of the placement, since he is not insured and he is outside the legal framework.

* Internships may take place during the academic year: between the 1st of September and the 31st of August of the following year. 

** Please remember that August is not a working month, therefore if the student has to start the internship between the 26th of July and the 10th of September, the last day to submit the documentation is the 16th of July. 

Once the documentation has been sent: 

  1. UPE-ETSIE processes and validates the documentation.  For that purpose, a document is sent to the student as a proof of registration.
  2. The UPV informs  the provincial Labour and Social Security Inspectorate and subscribes an accident and civil liability policy for the students that include different coverages. Regarding Health Care, the health policy will only cover those types of traineeships that will not be covered by the social security system.
  3. The Vice-Rector for Employment and Entrepreneurship signs the documentation, with the UPV Rector delegation of signature.
  4. Once the documentation is signed, the UPV sends it by e-mail to the company / institution, to the tutors and to the student, together with a link to the Internship Final Report.