Preliminary considerations

This form is used by the companies that request a student for a placement and they don’t have already one.

The company or institution that is interested in adding students in internships should detail the activities and the student requested requirements. Thus, the Work Placement Office will make a preselection of students.

In order to carry out this preselection, the Work Placement Office needs to know the student required profile, the company data and the working characteristics.

The procedure is the following:

· Fill in the document “Form to apply for trainees“.
· Once it’s completed, you must send it by e-mail to
· The internship offer is published on the website for the students of the School of Building Engineering, so the interested students may apply for it.
· Students that meet the requeriments apply for the offer.
· The Work Placement Office verifies that students meet the legal requirements and the specified conditions established by the company.
· The company will regularly receive an e-mail with the list of registered students that meet the requirements, in order to carry out the final student selection.
· Once the selection has finished, the company should inform the Work Placement Office with the result of it.
· If there’s any change in the information given in the “Form to apply for trainees” during the selection process, it should be reported to the Work Placement Office.

Help in order to fill in the “Form to apply for trainees”