PROMOE is the study abroad program created by UPV to enable student exchanges at bachelor and master’s level with non- European universities.  Besides a waiver of tuition fees, UPV finances an international health insurance policy and a grant for each study period or semestre abroad, variable according to the funds available each year.

This program is aimed at students with an academic performance above average. Therefore, during the selection process, the selection committee will take into account the applicant’s academic results (compared to his/her peers), official certificates of foreign languages and experience in other study abroad programs or in the Mentor program (support to incoming exchange students).

Two calls for applications are published every year (November-December and May-June), accessible through  the AIRE onine platform (UPV student intranet > secction “Relaciones Internacionales y Cooperación”).

PROMOE 2019-2020 (1st call)  Call for applications open until 20 May

PROMOE program, overseas destinations

Before you apply, find out more about the partner universities recommended for students enrolled in the School of Building Engineering. Download the  Guide for ETSIE applicants for the PROMOE exchange program